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Hello everyone! Here’s my first blog!

RNL Bio, a South Korean company, claims to have helped improve hearing sensitivity in a student with hearing loss due to autoimmune disease .  A little over a year ago, this company cloned two dogs, magic and stem, from fat (adipose)-derived stem cells.

Adipose derived stem cells may have great potential for therapeutics to treat Alzheimer, diabetes, osteoarthritis and many other degenerative and obstinate diseases.

In addition to stem cell related therapy, RNL Bio has led the way in the banking of stem cells.  This kind of reminds me of Dr. Evil and his cryogenically preserved self. As the demand for preservation or banking of stem cells are rapidly growing. Stem cell banking has great business potential because it can be used not only for therapeutics to treat diseases but future cloning intention. RNL Bio operates stem cell banks for human individuals as well as dogs.


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